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QuestionHello I stumbled upon your page looking for information on how some recasts actually pose a health concern for their owners, perhaps you can help me. I am not interested in purchasing a recast but was discussing this with a potential bjd owner and wanted to help them make an informed decision before they buy their new dream doll. I feel that if there isn't information about the issues with bootlegs and recasts buyers can not make informed decisions about their purchases. Thank you for your help. Answer

I have not yet found any hard evidence on this. From recast owners comments the resin of quality recasts has a look and feel which is indistinguishable from genuine dolls, so therefore one would deduce that is the same material.

There were rumours when Dollzone started up that they used fillers in the resin which were potentially toxic, but as far as I know, this was never proven to be true. 

The main concern with the resin toxicity seems to be the presence of fillers, so perhaps someone with more knowledge knows how you would determine if a resin did contain them, and if so, if they are harmful.

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QuestionActually, I know Tatsukitty, and I can tell you, 1000% sure, this is how she deals with things she doesn't like. She is really that hysterical whenever she is remotely upset and the reason I am on anon is because when people she knows stand up to her, she reacts in a similar way. Really, she is embarrassing on this subject and it makes me sad to know she said anything. Answer

Ok that is kinda tragic…

I’m bothered enough by recasting to contact companies, write this blog, put up with angry messages and so on, but I’m still aware that I’m in a lucky enough position that I don’t have bigger problems in my life.

If recasts continue to increase in popularity and companies continue to go out of business (I’m looking specifically at the prevalence of Secretdoll recasts and Secretdoll closing shop here) then I will feel sad, I will feel disappointed, but ultimately I’ll move on with my life.

Her comment was completely inappropriate and her histrionic behaviour is wholly unwelcome here.

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Question<p>I am not surprised that tatsukitty&#8217;s ask link doesn&#8217;t work anymore. I didn&#8217;t plan on attacking that person but they need some serious chewing out.</p> Answer


I honestly feel that was put up to make those who disagree with recasts look hysterical and ridiculous. Classic strawman argument.

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QuestionThe words thrown out about recast collectors, i.e. 'selfish,' self-serving,' 'entitled.' How do these words not apply to the entire hobby? Collectors take money from their student loans, or money that should be spent on necessities for their children or animals and spend it on dolls. Some steal, some scalp. How is that not selfish or self-serving? How many donate their dolls to charity? Or give away in equal amounts to what they spend? One crime is not better than the other. All are guilty. Answer

Well, yes, those words do apply to the entire hobby. These are luxuries that we don’t need. However, it’s not a ‘crime’ to have luxuries, providing you aren’t hurting anyone. Not everyone in the hobby steals or scalps, so you cannot use those people as a justification to behave badly too. Be assured, I’m as disgusted with scalpers as you are.

My issue is that recast collectors are ungrateful. They’ve been provided with their luxury items thanks to someone working hard to make them available. Whether they used their welfare check to buy it is not my concern, that’s their own personal business. But when they are harming the whole industry, it becomes my problem.


Thank you to Anna Mae on Den of Angels for this response to a comment that people need to buy bootlegged dolls because only Volks and Soom dolls will get you respect in this hobby.


If you genuinely feel you need a SOOM or Volks to be respected then I think the community holding hands with you isn’t going to do much good, but maybe a psychiatrist will. Substituting that wanted brandname-doll with a stolen one shows a further immature inability to think past your own ego: I need an EXPENSIVE doll to be respected, if I cannot afford it then I’m going to steal it! 
Really? Wow.

In this thinking the doll seems to have become something that is ‘only’ valued for being a certain brand. But it does explain why beautiful but cheaper dolls aren’t good enough for the recast-buyer. Because what matters is not the doll or the enjoyment of it (I’m not even going to touch on the subject of the artist and his/her livelyhood here), but some brand-related ego-stuff like thinking you can make someone envious or feeling special or ‘respected’ for owning a doll that looks like a certain brand. Talk about elitist.

Thank you to anonymous for submitting this. I can’t say I agree with your purchase, but there is one thing that I DO agree with.

I agree that recast collectors should not be harrassed, for two reasons. First, obviously, they have feelings. Them having done something immoral doesn’t make them ‘evil’, it just makes them a person who did an immoral thing. And secondly, attacking them only makes the debate ridiculous, it makes neither side listen.

I hope that none of the blog readers will act abusively towards owners of fake dolls, no matter how angry you are. In the end it harms everyone.

Anon, I understand, as you say, that I’ll never change your mind on it. You seem like a really reasonable and mature person. Not sure how to express myself here… It’s just a shame.

"I’ve been watching the kerfluffle for the past 2 weeks now, including that 20 page thread on DoA. As someone who has bought recasts I would like to say this-

All of you people who are desperately trying to figure out how to identify recasts, who would love a database of recast sculpts being made with resin colors and descriptions, how do you think such a thing would be made without the help of people who buy recasts? You’ll say in one breath how terrible and immoral we are, how you’d believe we’d do any terrible thing, and then you wish for comparison pictures from us? When this all started I WANTED to take comparison pictures, I wanted the community to be aware of the differences because I honestly don’t want any one to accidentally buy a recast and get ripped off. I want people to be well informed about what they are buying so they can make good decisions. After all where else are people going to get this information from unless it’s from owners of recasts? The recast sellers surely aren’t going to help make a database like that, and people who only buy legit aren’t going to blow money buying recasts just for comparison purposes. It has to come from us and us alone.

Now, I’m both angry and scared. Why should I help people who honestly think I’m immoral, that my choice to buy some recasts means I’ll make other illegal and immoral choices? Why should I risk someone identifying me from my comparison photos and then spreading the information around so that I’m shunned and blacklisted? Honestly the second is worse than the first, I know that not everyone thinks I’d immoral and I’d still take comparisons to help the silent majority who has never wronged me, but I am afraid of being outed. I don’t want to be harassed, or bullied, or shunned. Some might say that I should “own up” and face the consequences of my actions. Excuse me? Why should I ruin for myself this hobby I enjoy so much by outing myself to people who won’t think any better of me no matter what I do? To make of myself a punching bag so they can feel better about their own choices, in the hopes that if I let them punish me long enough they’ll accept me back into the fold? I have more self respect than that.

I don’t want or need anyone telling me over and over “it’s wrong” like a broken record. I’ve heard your reasons and understand them. I just don’t agree that they apply to me or my decision to buy recasts, which I’m not going to get into here. I’m not going to change your mind and you aren’t going to change mine, that isn’t the point of this post.

My point is that the doll community needs to understand that buyers of recasts ARE a part of it. We buy legit, and join group orders and waiting rooms, we squee at box openings and pictures of cuteness. We take part in all the things that ABJD owners do. As members of this community and participants in it we want to help it by providing comparisons of recasts, give tips on how to identify recasts, and in general give back to the community what we take from it, which is information. We don’t ask that you agree with our choices to buy recasts. All we want is to be treated like other people in the community, not to be harassed and blacklisted.

Thank you.”

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QuestionAre you the one who asked Fairyland and Iplehouse about their stance on recasts? If so, do you plan on asking any other companies? Answer

I approached these companies as there were lies that they were big companies making huge profits and so deserved to be stolen from. I wanted to give them a chance to let people know the truth. Currently I’ve left it at that.

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QuestionI wanted to say thank you for publishing the company statements. I think a lot of people make the mistake of thinking that a 'big company' in the bjd market is equatable with a 'big company' in the regular market. I hope that seeing these statements and realizing just how small even the largest bjd companies are will lead people to think twice before investing in illegal recasts. Thank you again! Answer

Thanks for your comment :)

I hope it will open some people’s eyes, and help them resist the temptation.

QuestionDoes anyone know who are "supported" by money spend on recast/bootlegged dolls? I've been told that (large) criminal organisations are behind bootlegged designer items, but that the BJD recast/bootleg market is too small for them. Is buying a recast equal to giving money to a dishonest employee of a reproduction factory or a small-time crook or is the money feeding criminal organisations that deal in other shady things too? Is there even a way to find out? Answer

I’m guessing that the way the recasters are able to do this is because they are already casting resin items and they have gone into this as a ‘sideline’. I don’t think there’s any way to know whether organised crime tis involved or not. All I know is that you’re giving money to someone for stealing, and that can’t be good.

My own experience is that the Chinese underworld plays a big role in the start up of even the smallest family companies in China, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a small connection. But again, that’s just a guess based on my own experience.

Iplehouse have released a full statement with their stance on fake dolls and urging their customers to help them.


Hi, this is Iplehouse.

Today we want to ask you a favor.
Recently we received information from some of our clients that fake Iplehouse doll is being distributed in the market. Real Iplehouse dolls are only sold on Iplehouse site. So please be aware of this and do not buy Iplehouse dolls from other sites.

Especially please don¡¯t buy counterfeit dolls. If you find some sites which sells our dolls cheaper than our site, you can assume that it is a fake.

If you continue to buy these forged dolls, it will affect our creativity and eventually it will affect our company fundamentally.

A lot of doll manufacturing companies are facing hard time because of these illegal products. And Iplehouse is not an exception.

Iplehouse is organized by few artistes. Most of our staffs engage in creative work and we appreciate our clients love for our dolls. We give careful attention to our client¡¯s need. Also from the planning stage to the end we try our best to make an adorable doll which will be loved by our customers. All of our dolls are made of our effort, toil and passion. Please don¡¯t fill criminal¡¯s pocket with money by buying fake products.

We need your support and help to develop new products. Developing a new product consumes a lot of time and money. Please understand this and once again we sincerely ask you not to purchase those illegal products.

And please prevent other friends around from purchasing illegal items. We are planning to conduct a campaign against illegal counterfeit items. Please join us with this campaign.

We need your love and support. Please give us strength.

Thank you for your time and support.

We will do our utmost to develop new products and design to give satisfaction and joy to our clients.
Iplehouse will make your dreams come true.